"Art Center, ALL FESTIVALS IN ONE SPOT" is „all in one“ service center to support festivals and competitions.

Our site provides information about festivals, competitions, educational programmes, workshops and master-classes. The site is the largest search engine for Russian-speaking audience to look for cultural events with an ability to send applications to them, ask questions, consult with experts (accommodation, transport, medical insurance, visa), and leave your own opinion on any festival, as well as, know opinion of others.

Our managers have extensive experience in the festival area (by the organizing committee and by the participants of event) – we can help you make the right choice to be pleased with the festival.

After processing a huge amount of information related to Russian and international festivals and competitions for professionals and amateurs, workshops, master-classes, courses for creative people of different occupations, adult, college graduates and children, we concluded – clear system of events is necessary for our customers. That is why we created www.art-center.ru "ALL FESTIVALS IN ONE SPOT" as „all in one“ service center for all the participants and organizers.

"Art – Centre, ALL FESTIVALS IN ONE SPOT" will help you with: festival stages, concert halls, international judges, administrators to work during your event, photographers, journalists to cover your event, and many more.



"Art – Centre, ALL FESTIVALS IN ONE SPOT" has developed a logical system of consulting and application services, thanks to which a customer easily finds festival or competition by different criteria:

There are also site parts for spiecial selection, such as recommended or holiday offers.

If you looking for partnership in festival sphere in Russia or festival&competition to take part in Russia, do not hesitate – just contact us. We speak different laguages – Russian, English, Franch, German, Polish and others.


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